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CAST Bylaws

Revised January 20, 2003

The name of this organization is CITIZENS AND STUDENTS TOGETHER OR C.A.S.T.

CAST is dedicated to development, implementation, and advocacy of effective alcohol, tobacco, other drug and related addiction/risk prevention programs for the purpose of promoting optimal community health.

CAST is a coalition of voluntary Foster/Glocester, RI residents or representatives of agencies serving Foster/Glocester residents.
Foster and Glocester municipal governments authorized the creation of the task force in November 1987, and the Glocester town Treasurer acts as the fiduciary agent. CAST is not required by the Dept. of Mental Health and Retardation, and Hospitals, the funding agency, to be reviewed by or receive approval of the municipal government. It is expected however, that the Coordinator seek consultation from the fiscal agent to assure sound fiscal management.

The membership shall be no less than 10 and no more than 45. Anyone meeting the membership criterion who is interested in the mission may be candidate for one of the open membership slots. (See attached Membership Slot List) They must give their name, affiliation, address, phone number and other contact information to the Coordinator. They must then attend three consecutive meetings. At the end of the third meeting, if they are still interested in membership, the Coordinator will, under the guidance of the membership, decide to fill the vacant slot.

Members may be removed from the CAST membership if they miss 3 consecutive meetings without notifying the Coordinator or Chair. Inactive status will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Coordinator and Chair. Recommendations will be made to the active membership for a vote. Voting privileges will be extended to the active membership only. Active status will resume after attending two consecutive meetings.

CAST is a working task force and requires attendance at the regularly scheduled meetings and participation on subcommittees and in the implementation of strategies adopted by the task force.

CAST is broad-based and makes every effort to include representation from, but is not limited to: interested citizens, parents, students, teachers, businesses, school department elected officials, religious institutions, minorities, youth organizations, medical community, physically and mentally challenged, cultural & ethnic, representation, police department, elderly, community development groups, and municipal government. CAST seeks to embrace diversity in the membership.

Membership must be even and proportional including the 45 slots of representation. (See Membership Slot List)

CAST members may serve as long as they are interested and meet the requirements of being an active member including active participation.

The Coordinator will prepare an official subcommittee membership list annually. A member may request inactive status for up to 4 months by telephoning or writing the Coordinator. Coordinator will use membership input to guide the decision to grant the request. If the membership chooses, they may extend the inactive status if it is determined to be in the best interest of the CAST mission.

The Coordinator shall be responsible for updating the DMHRH, Division of Behavioral Health of any changes in the CAST membership as needed.

The officers of CAST shall be as follows:

There will be at least one Chairperson with a preference for two, one from Foster and one from Glocester. Two people from the same town may not Co-Chair.

The Treasurer will be the Glocester Town Treasurer or hired accountant, not an elected office. Volunteers from the membership will assume Secretary position and will rotate on a monthly basis. The Coordinator and the Financial Clerk positions are hired position, and not an elected office.

The maximum length of term is two years or more if decided by the membership. To resign, it is expected that members give a minimum 30-day notice to the Coordinator. The Coordinator, in consultation with the Chair/s may appoint a temporary successor. This will give the membership time to nominate and elect a replacement as soon as a person or people volunteer to run for the office.

The elected officer may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. A term is defined by the fiscal year. July l -June 30, unless otherwise voted by the membership.

Only active members can make nominations and vote. Nominations for officer may take place at the first meeting following the beginning of the fiscal year (usually, in September. (If the membership is not meeting in the summer months.) The membership may revise the member slots if desired to increase the opportunities for interested members as long as the membership maintains a good cross section of representation of the Foster and Glocester communities.



  • Take minutes in accordance with Division of Behavioral Health Requirements and submit a copy to the Coordinator at the end of the meeting, which will be forwarded to the Division of Behavioral Health.
  • Will read minutes from previous meeting at monthly CAST meeting.
  • Will be a member of CAST.


  • The Treasurer is the Glocester town fiduciary agent whose responsibility it is to make financial statements available for reporting at CAST's monthly meetings, write checks as requested from requisitions, and assure an annual audit of CAST's financial records as required by the Division of Behavioral Health.


  • Attends and participates in monthly meetings. Notify Coordinator or Chair when unable to attend.
  • If filling a slot that represents an organization, school, or agency, the member is the official liaison to the group. The representative will inform their organization of CAST's mission, activities and progress. In the capacity of Liaison, the member will inform the membership about their organizational activities, for the purpose of increasing awareness, assuring consistency, and avoiding duplication of services.
  • Serve on a program subcommittee and help make decisions regarding mini-grant funding. Help with community awareness projects, program planning and serve on an ad-hoc committee when needed.
  • Be a public relations ambassador for CAST. Endorse the CAST mission, publicize upcoming programs and recruit friends neighbors, relatives or guests to public programs.


  • Receive invitations to all special programs.
  • Is invited to introduce guest speakers or give closing remarks at special programs when appropriate.
  • Supports continued funding and advocates for the task force.
  • Endorses the CAST mission publicly.
  • Helps represent the task force in reaching its mission.


  • Liaison between CAST and local town government.
  • Knowledge of CAST by-laws and assuring that task force follows by-laws as written or amends by-laws as needed.
  • Communicate with Coordinator twice a month to discuss program development execution, and fiscal management. Assist with agenda when needed.
  • Chair monthly meeting or (if co-chairs) take turns chairing monthly meetings.
  • Offer support to sub-committee planning and executing programs.
  • Public relations officers. Be available to speak on occasion to civic groups to promote CAST and enlist their cooperation.
  • Give 30 days notice of resignation.
  • Will oversee annual review of Coordinator.
  • Will review grant application annually.
  • Appoint search committee to hire Coordinator and Fiscal Clerk when needed.


  • Knowledge of CAST bylaws and assuring that subcommittee follows bylaws as written.
  • Will forward any mini-grant proposals received directly for approval by Coordinator before discussion before decisions are put before the subcommittee or CAST membership.
  • Monitor for conflicts of interest and assure ethical decision making regarding. Bring concerns to the attention of the Coordinator.
  • Will present a subcommittee report at the monthly meeting or delegate another member to give the report.


  • Consult with Coordinator in preparing a budget that coincides with the "Continuation of Process" application.
  • Consult with Coordinator and Fiduciary Agent to devise procedures for managing expenditures.
  • Submit required reports and budgetary amendments to the Division of Behavioral Health in accordance with contract requirements and deadlines.
  • Communicate with Glocester Town Treasurer, CAST fiduciary agent, as needed.
  • Prepare a financial report for monthly task force meetings.
  • Receive contributor's checks and deliver to Fiduciary Agent, when necessary.
  • Monitor requisitions submitted by Coordinator.
  • Meet with town auditor per fiduciary agent's request.
  • Submit payroll bi-weekly to Glocester Town Treasurer.
  • Qualifications: 1 year experience bookkeeping with volunteer group or agency budget


A part-time community organizer to facilitate the task force's prevention mission.

Duties include:

  • Public Relations Officer with press and Town Councils. Send annual request for 20% match to President of each Town Council in December.
  • Promote development and expansion of broad-based membership, particularly school administrators, school committee members, town council members, clergy, and business leaders.
  • Send out agendas for monthly meetings to members approximately one week before date of meeting. Attend monthly task force meetings, present monthly update reports to the task force.
  • Assist CAST in determining conditions leading to substance use and abuse in the two towns and in finding a way to enlist cultural elements not presently represented on the working task force.
  • Assist in the planning, coordination, execution, and evaluation of CAST's programs.
  • Be available to coordinate with other community groups who are applying for Drug Free Schools and other substance abuse prevention grants when possible.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with Division of Behavioral Health personnel, attend training meetings or send representative from task force, attend Coordinator's meetings.
  • Maintain CAST records in an organized file.
  • Communicate with Chair a minimum of bi-weekly to discuss evolution of task force, general business, and progress on mission. Use Chair input to help plan agenda for monthly meeting.
  • Assign members to fill vacated officers positions temporarily in consultation with Chair until candidates are procured and a special election is held.
  • Purchase equipment and supplies associated with administration of CAST functions.
  • Place ads for Public Relations and Community Awareness.
  • Inform membership regarding funding threats or opportunities.
  • Make referrals or resources available to community members when possible.
  • Direct all mini-grant proposals received to the Subcommittee Chair for decisions.
  • Appoint ad hoc committee for special projects as needed to carry out CAST mission.
  • Give 30 days notice prior to terminating position.

Master's Degree in Human Service or Substance Abuse field with three years experience. Preference will be given to applicant with knowledge of the Foster/Glocester communities.

Meetings shall be held a minimum of 8 times per year. Agenda will be prepared based on membership and Chair input. The Coordinator is responsible for sending out agendas for monthly meetings, along with the minutes from the previous meeting, to members. The agenda must be received approximately one week before the date of the meeting. The Coordinator and/or Chairperson will set the time, date, and location of the meeting based on input from the membership. Meetings must be handicapped, accessible for a reasonable time and location. All meetings are posted in the town halls of Foster and Glocester as well as other public postings.

A quorum shall consist of 7 voting members present at a duly announced meeting, unless otherwise decided by the membership. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with presently adopted Rules of Order. Robert's Rules of Order will be used as a backup for items not addressed in Committee’s Rules of Order.

Voting is restricted to the active membership. Membership slots assure that voting will be fair and equal. If questions arise on equity the membership present at any one meeting will determine what is fair and equal for that meeting by a majority vote.

Voting is restricted for anyone who may have a personal, financial interest in the matter at hand.

Voting by proxy is not permitted, unless otherwise specified, a majority vote shall rule. If a quorum is not present at the meeting and the item for vote is urgent and essential to carrying out the work of the CAST mission. The members may vote to support an item and have Coordinator get phone votes to insure that the work is continued. This process is for urgent items only and should be an exception rather that the general practice.

Membership on program subcommittees is required. There are four subcommittees as part of the CAST membership structure. Individual/Peer programs subcommittee, Family programs subcommittee, Community programs subcommittee and School programs subcommittee. A member may volunteer to be on more than one program subcommittee; In addition, the Chair and or Coordinator will ask for volunteers to serve on ad-hoc subcommittees, This could include activities such as a grant writing, planning, evaluation, needs assessment, special events or other committee established as needed to carry out the CAST mission.

Amendments to the bylaws and/or Adopted Rules of Order shall be made by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the active membership present at a duly called meetings of the membership provided the membership receives notice of not less than ten days before the date of said meeting. Amendments take effect immediately upon approval as stated herein. Subcommittee meetings will document theft discussions & decisions by reporting in the regular CAST meetings. Reports are noted in the regular meeting minutes.

Slots for Task Force Members


  • State Senators and Representatives Foster and Glocester
  • Foster and Glocester Town Council Presidents or members
  • Superintendent of Schools


  1. Regional School Committee
  2. PHS Administrator
  3. PMS Administrator
  4. PHS Nurse
  5. PMS Nurse
  6. Elementary School Faculty or Staff Representative: Foster
  7. Elementary School Faculty or Staff Representative: Glocester
  8. Foster Business Owner
  9. Glocester Business Owner
  10. Foster PTG Representative
  11. Glocester PTO Representative
  12. PHS Parent
  13. PMS (Parent Advisory Committee)
  14. Glocester Police
  15. Foster Police
  16. Glocester Recreation
  17. Foster Recreation
  18. Foster Elderly
  19. Glocester Elderly
  20. Professional Mental Health or Substance Abuse Counselor
  21. PHS Senior
  22. PHS Junior
  23. PHS Sophomore
  24. PHS Freshman
  25. PHS Athletic Director or Coach
  26. Foster Clergy
  27. Glocester Clergy
  28. Boy Scouts
  29. Girl Scouts
  30. At large Foster resident
  31. At large Foster parent
  32. At large Glocester resident
  33. At large Glocester parent (2 slots for Glocester)
  34. PHS teacher
  35. PMS teacher
  36. Sojourner House Violence Prevention Representatives (2 slots total)
  37. Student Assistance Counselor Ponaganset School System
  38. Crisis Counselor Ponaganset School System
  39. Health Educator Ponaganset School System
  40. thru 45 Miscellaneous

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