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Partners In Prevention
Community Input Needed!

There is a grant opportunity coming our way. We have heard some ideas on what youth ages 9-12 need to keep them making healthy choices. We would like more input.

If your organization wanted to involve youth ages 9-17 in efforts that would help them make healthy choices and ultimately lead a drug-free life style:

  • What would you be willing to do?
  • How do you know that your activity is needed?
  • How do you know your activity would help?
  • How much would it cost?
  • If you can't do anything but know what is needed, what is your idea?
  • Other comments you may have that may direct us in providing for the needs of this age group.

We are looking for ideas from representatives from a cross section of the community; e.g., police, faith-based organizations, schools, businesses, town government, recreational programs, service organizations, after-school programs, parent organizations, families, etc.

Send ideas to:

    Box 436
    Foster, RI 02825
    Attn: Lorraine Kaul, Coordinator

Please respond immediately. For more information about this survey or other CAST projects, call Lorraine Kaul at (401) 397-5616.

The primary goal of CAST is to reduce violence and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by partnering with other organizations in the community.

CAST -- Citizens And Students Together Ideas

  • Help create mentoring experiences for young people.
  • Involve youth in drug-free project planning and other decision making opportunities.
  • Alcohol and smoking is not a rite of passage for teens that do activities that model drug-free lifestyles.
  • Influence community ordinances that encourage healthy lifestyle values; e.g., fines for adults hosting parties where alcohol is accessible to youth, no smoking in public restaurants, etc.
  • Help families establish "Family Policies" against underage drinking and smoking, and clearly identify the consequences. In clude what positive consequences are in it for youth who make good choices.
  • Visit Our Programs for more examples of partnering ideas.

CAST -- Citizens And Students Together Funding

Some partnering ideas may not involve funding -- just an understanding of the joint venture.

Some partnering may include funding to CAST to build our capacity to promote community health.

Some partnering may request mini-grants from CAST to build their capacity to include prevention efforts in their mission.

For more information about CAST Partners In Prevention Project, call Lorraine Kaul, CAST Coordinator, at (401) 397-5616.

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